Who and Why in a Plurality Election

Let’s get some actual teachers and current parents with solid academic qualifications and deep GCISD experience on the board! Here’s who, and here’s why: Sergio Harris, Dianna Sager, and Kimberly Phoenix are excellent choices.  They are “just the right trustees to right the ship, right now.” Because of last year’s vote makeup, these three also […]

Banish Ignorance

As we get ready for the onslaught of false claims and hyperbolic vitriol from Patriot Mobile, this “stop and think” quote seemed very appropriate for Black History Month – and the upcoming school board election.  Are you registered to vote? (VoteTexas.gov) Are you ready to banish ignorance from our school board?  Just look at what […]

Educators – Give us a Chance

Educators, we let you down.  We didn’t vote.  We thought everything was great (because of you) so we were asleep at the switch.  Please, give us until May to fix this. The above chart shows the jobs waiting for you within 15 miles of GCISD if we don’t get it right this time.  You will […]

No, Shannon, it’s not “Just the Law”

GCISD Trustee Shannon Braun has gone on TV, in the press, and most recently at the Monday 10/24/2022 board meeting stating that the new policies are “just the law” and that anyone voting against them is “voting against the law.” Sorry, no Shannon it is not “just the law.”  It is policy which references law.  […]


Editorial Opinion Version: The current GCISD Board of Trustees majority are nothing more than a gang of malicious ignorant bullies.  The limitation of comments at the August 2022 regular meeting was not transparent, contrary to board policy, in violation of Robert’s Rules of Order and a stellar example of how the majority thinks of ALL […]

Dr. Ryan, Defend Our Teachers

An open letter regarding “the list.” Dr. Ryan, A few of your teachers, reportedly about 30, are on a list. Trustee Nakamura has publicly acknowledged – and then concealed – that list.  Subsequent information has confirmed the existence of the list.  The list needs to die.  Although only about 30 teachers are on the list, […]

Trustee Ford, Your Rule is Out of Order

An open letter to Casey Ford and the GCISD Trustees Trustee Ford: The community has been watching – some with delight, most with disgust – as you exercise your newfound power to prosecute the extremist agenda you were elected to deliver by the majority of the minority who showed up to vote.  Unfortunately, the agenda […]