Excellence over Extremism in Public Education

Texas Nonpartisan PAC is a political action committee created by Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters who have decided enough is enough.  We have great public school districts in Northeast Tarrant County.  

It’s time to push out the extreme politics and lies being used for political gain at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

Click on the “Contribute Now” button above to learn how you can help reclaim our schools from extremists and return to excellent public education.

Who and Why in a Plurality Election

Let’s get some actual teachers and current parents with solid academic qualifications and deep GCISD experience on the board! Here’s who, and here’s why: Sergio Harris, Dianna Sager, and Kimberly Phoenix are excellent choices.  They are “just the right trustees to right the ship, right now.” Because of last year’s vote makeup, these three also […]

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